Politics is not a game

A couple of nights ago, a South Shore friend reached out to tell me that her aunt and cousins are in Syria. They have not been able to escape. And if the current occupant of the White House did what he said he was going to do, they would most certainly be murdered in the genocide which would follow. It broke my heart then and it breaks again now that Turkey’s troops are on the move. I can’t do anything to make this better right now. Not as a private citizen, not as a state rep, and probably not even if I were a Congresswoman or a Senator. Withdrawing troops from Syria is up to the discretion of the Commander in Chief, and this action is a national disgrace on top of a multitude of national disgraces. And it’s not something that just affects people at a distance. It’s right here, right now, our friends, neighbors, and family members are mourning.

People often describe politics to me as a game, but to me, it’s exactly that mentality which has led us to this moment. Lives hang in the balance, and when we think of politics as a game, we are bound to forget how serious the consequences actually are. I’m running for state rep, because I believe that it’s important to elect people who understand the choices they make in the context of the whole range of their implications. We need serious people on the school committee as much as we need them in the White House. Take a moment with me today to think about where we are, and then let me know what you want to run for. I’m here for my campaign and yours as well. Let’s do this together.

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