Let’s Get Mailing!

The Welcome to the Party postcards are in! If you’d like to help me address them, PM me with how many you want, and I’ll deliver. Stamps will be provided by the campaign, so you can mail them at your leisure.

Sign up to address postcards via this Google Form: https://forms.gle/429urYXqgR3iSHeL6

Text on the cards

Welcome to the Party! Thank you for registering as a Democrat! I take being a Democrat very seriously, because I believe that registering to vote with a political party is a public declaration of my personal values.

To me, being a Democrat in 2019 means:

  • Putting people first, and prioritizing the health and wellness of human beings above all other concerns
  • Fostering initiatives for growth and innovation which consider the human impact first
  • Rebuilding our system to ensure fair and equitable distribution of public goods and services
  • Holding for-profit companies accountable for their actions, especially those that negatively impact our lives, our economy, our environment, or our way of life

I am proud to be a Democrat in 2019, and I am so glad you have joined the team. Welcome! Let’s get to work!

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