Talking Compressor Station in Conservatory Park

Out canvassing in glorious weather with my good friend Dr. Trevor Davis. I got to know Trevor, his wife (also Dr.) Natalya, and their kids really well through Dr. Katie McBrine’s campaign last year, though I was already familiar with their activism on a wide variety of issues on the south shore. As pediatricians, they bring a really important perspective to all the causes they get involved in, and I feel really lucky to know them both so well.

In Conservatory Park today, voters brought up the compressor station over and over. The recently-approved state permits are irresponsible at best, and it was with a great deal of foreboding that I read the news of final approval this week. We’ll get no benefit from the gas coming through our neighborhoods, and we’ll most certainly suffer from the additional pollutants added to the air.

I believe that one of the most important things we can do is demand that the emergency legislation (H.4008), which would install an air quality monitoring station in the Basin, be brought to the Senate floor for a full vote. It passed the house this summer, but there’s been no movement since. This is critical, because right now our air is being monitored from Blue Hills. With major polluters already in the area, the more data we can collect about the air before (and if) the station comes online, the stronger our arguments for regulation of this station and future ones will be. If we pass this bill, we’ll be able to gather data on exactly what is in our air continuously, and you can bet I’ll send it straight to every doctor and scientist I know for review, and work with experts like Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility. We’ll make so much data-informed, science-backed noise Enbridge will wish they never heard of Massachusetts.

If you’re interested in having conversations with your neighbors, sign up to canvass with me or host a coffee:

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