Yesterday, I made a speech on the Impeachment and what else we have to do

The text of the speech is below:

The election of 45 three years ago was more than just a gut punch. It was the long-awaited fruit of a deeply poisoned tree. His occupation of the White House has thus far been a disaster, from the explicit crimes of abuse of power and obstruction of justice to the less tangible but no less devastating breaches of long-established norms and codes of conduct which have kept presidents at least pretending to moral leadership until now. And it is time, right now, for us to turn back toward moral leadership. The impeachment of this president, even the threat, is the start of that turn. The House must vote to impeach, and the Senate must follow through with its constitutional responsibility if our government is to be saved. But it is this moment, when we the people are so resolved to impeach, when we are ready to indict not just this president, but the offices low and high which engender corruption and reward backroom deals and closed-door legislation, from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to Beacon Hill, this moment is our moment.

As we stand here collected in the snow, outraged at the behavior of those in our highest office, we must recognize that this reluctance to transparency, this penchant for opacity, is a plague on all our democratic institutions and a violation of the founding vision of a government for the people and by the people. This presidency shows us what happens when government shuts us out, and we cannot allow it anymore, in the White House, in Congress, at our State House, or even on the School Committee. In this moment, we urge our congresspeople to do the right thing and vote to impeach this lawless president. And we must take stock of our role locally. Hold our local electeds accountable to the rule of law, demand they operate in the open, and require that they prioritize the health and well-being of people above all other concerns.

I am so proud to be here today with you all. I am so proud of the work we have done together, keeping the pressure on our Congress, on our Media, on our institutions of Law Enforcement, that they have in turn kept the pressure on the White House. This investigation has revealed that we were right all along about this President, and Congress must do its job. But our work is not over. We have to root out all corruption, and scorch the earth in which it grows.

Our 2020 elections are key. In every district where we can find candidates to challenge the corrupt, we must support them now. And we must dedicate ourselves to the reinvigoration of democracy itself. Bring new voters to the polls. Fight voter suppression. Insist on transparency. And elect good people who understand that government is, first and foremost, how we take care of each other.

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