Trash Pickup BINGO!

Green square with banner in the corner which reads, “Trash Pickup Bingo” and indicates that this week’s trash targets are 1. Pen or pencil, 2. Plastic bag, 3. Foil wrapper, 4. Water bottle, 5. Glove, 6. Lottery ticket.

My son and I have really enjoyed making a game out of taking walks and picking up different kinds of trash, and we thought it might be fun to make into a community game, especially now that the annual Herring Run cleanup is cancelled. When you’re on your walk, try to find each of six types of trash listed, pick up safely, and then take a pic to share before throwing away.

No prizes other the admiration of your fellow human beings and eternal gratitude of mother earth. I’ll make a new card every week, and before long, we’ll have cleaned up the whole South Shore! Remember to practice social distancing when you’re out and about.

Email your pics to or post your pics in the comments on Facebook:

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