About My Logo

Photo of the Smith for State Rep logo lawn sign. The I in Smith has been replaced with an image of the Statue of LIberty. The torch is yellow. Below the logo is the campaign motto which reads, “Government is how we take care of each other.” If you’d like to contribute to the campaign to ensure we are able to share Lady Liberty’s promise all over the 4th Norfolk: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/votemelissasmith

One of the most frequent questions I’ve gotten on this campaign is about my logo. What it means, why the Statue of Liberty is so prominent in it, what I want people to know about me when they see it. I wrote the following back in September when we were just starting out. As we approach lawn sign season, I thought I’d share it again. My heart still lifts when I see her.

9/15/2019: Original post at: https://bit.ly/smithstatueofliberty

Yesterday at the MassDems convention in Springfield, I introduced myself to a woman I very much admire who is running a very hard primary. I wanted to tell her how inspiring she is. She started to thank me and then she stopped and pointed at the campaign button I had almost forgotten I was wearing and said she loved it. She told me that as an immigrant, it’s the Statue of Liberty that has kept her believing in America even in today’s climate.

The Statue of Liberty is that for me, too.

The people who founded our government grounded it in the promise of freedom, equality, and opportunity. The writers of our Constitution told the world that the United States would establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty for themselves and their posterity. Whether they intended it or not, these promises have since been understood to apply not just to the literate landowning white men who were circling Philadelphia in the late eighteenth century, but to everyone within our borders and to anyone who makes their way to the United States as well. Whether they knew it or not, whether some of them would today call for a do-over, the founders set forth a revolutionary vision of a government for the people. To me, that vision is everything.

I’m running for State Rep because I want to push us further toward the realization of those ideals. The Statue of Liberty is the symbol of our boldest, most revolutionary aspirations, the as yet unrealized American dream. The torch lights the path toward a government built not to profit from or persecute its people, but to take care of them, protect them, and ensure their children lead healthy lives. By each other, for each other, government is how we take care of each other.

This campaign I’ve just started is already pretty tough, and inasmuch as I am also closely involved with a lot of other campaigns, organizations, and initiatives, and am a mom, and a friend, and a wife, and a million other things, it’s very likely that I’m going to want to quit a hundred times a week. But moments like that one yesterday will keep me going.

I put the Statue of Liberty on my campaign logo because my heart lifts when I see her, renewed by faith in the promise of America, and I thought this was probably a thing that many other people could use as well. When my buttons and lit and lawn signs go out on the South Shore, I don’t just want people to see my name, I want people to see evidence that the America they’ve believed in all their lives is the America their friends and neighbors believe in, too.

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