MWPC Endorsement!

I am so honored to receive the endorsement of the @MWPC and am committed to fighting for my community and for the causes that matter most to women in our Commonwealth. It makes me so proud to have the MWPC by my side. Thank you to the Mass Women’s Political Caucus, and President Pam Berman! #mapoli

MWPC President Pam Berman says, “No measure of a community’s progress can be made without a truly representative elected body. We believe decisions about our communities should include women’s voices. We need leaders like Melissa Smith, who will be a strong decision maker and advocate for the 4th Norfolk in the state house. We need to change the face of leadership in Massachusetts, where fewer than 29% state offices are held by women. MWPC is proud to endorse and stand with Melissa Smith.”

Thank you to the MWPC, MWPC President Pam Berman, and the MWPC South Shore!

Photo of Melissa alongside quote from MWPC President Pam Berman

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