Speaking of art, academia, and environmental activism

Today from 5-7, the DNC Council on the Environment and Climate Crisis is holding a session which will feature, among a number of prominent activists, Coloradoan poet and academic Camille Dungy.

It’s just so exciting to me to see this council bringing together such diverse voices, from diverse disciplines, to work toward solutions, and I’m going to tune in to support it.

For a preview of what might be on offer, read Professor Dungy’s poem “Trophic Cascade” recently published in the Kenyon Review. It is powerful, relevant, moving, revealing the connection between the individual human and the natural world. Worth your time: https://kenyonreview.org/journal/mayjune-2015/selections/camille-t-dungy/

You can watch the DNC session at home by RSVP-ing at https://www.demconvention.com/event/council-on-the-environmental-and-climate-crisis-meeting-tuesday-august-18/

Read more about the event and Professor Dungy here: https://english.colostate.edu/news/dungydnc/

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