Getting back up again

Collage showing town by town results, a person in a Poppy costume friends hired to sing “Get Back Up Again” at the polls, the total results, and some friends standing out.

The results of the election weren’t what we hoped, but I am proud to have been standing with so many incredibly brave, kind, thoughtful people this past year.

When I started this campaign, I gave this quick speech about having known everyone who came to my launch since 2016. Since our worst nightmares came true. Since our world fell apart. Since the hate our country harbors came into full view. And I was proud then to start this journey with you and I’ve been prouder every day since.

Also, special thanks to the best person of all time, Katie McBrine, for seeing me though this. And my husband Ben and my son Ev for believing in me more than anyone should. And Michael Yavorsky for being my friend and counting all the donations correctly. And all the fierce warriors of the Hingham Pride Project for showing me how to get things done. And the Hingham Democratic Town Committee for balling out for justice this year. And the Danger Brigade for always being there when I needed them. And all the amazing postcarders and donors and lit droppers and phone callers for doing all you can for change.

I’m beyond proud of what we’ve done, and I know we’ll keep going. There’s a lot more to do.

Congratulations to Jamie Murphy who has yet a long road ahead.

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