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MLK Weekend

One of the things I love most about the USA is our willingness to honor revolutionaries and dissenters and freedom fighters as heroes. Indeed, it’s what many of our holidays are about, from celebrating the patriots of the Revolution on the 4th of July to venerating the organizers of our first unions on Labor Day. […]

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Why I am a Democrat

Hardly anyone can sit with me for more than 30 seconds and fail to discover that I am a really enthusiastic Democrat. I am super-proud of our party platform, and I am really, really happy to be publicly listed among advocates of that platform in the voter rolls. This, by the way, is how I […]

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Ev tells the straight truth

Campaigns cost money. It’s a major drag, and fundraising is a huge barrier for candidates. Printing costs, postage costs, VoteBuilder costs, and that’s all before you start thinking about hiring paid staff. I’m really lucky in respect to the need for paid staff. Having worked on a lot of campaigns myself in the past few […]

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Happy B-Day to my Dad

My dad is a veteran of the Vietnam War, a retired small-business owner, the kind of person who thinks discovering a new fruit or vegetable at the supermarket is a reason to celebrate, and he’s 73 years old today. When I was a little kid, we fished a lot together at my grandparents’ pond. One […]

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Everyone in MA Deserves Free Full-Day K

Originally posted on Facebook here: As Weymouth debates stepping up to offer free full-day K, it may’ve escaped notice that in the education bill passed several nights ago in the Massachusetts House, there was an amendment by State Rep. Patrick Kearney (D, Scituate/Marshfield) that would’ve provided support for establishing free full-day kindergarten to the […]

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