Black History Month in MA

Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler was the first African American woman to earn an MD in this country, and she did it in 1864. She went south with her knowledge, to take care of recently freed people, and afterwards she spent her life writing and educating people about their bodies. One of her passions, evident in the foreword of her book, was teaching biology and medicine to women. I'm paraphrasing, but her argument is essentially that even though it is possible to produce babies and raise them healthily to adulthood without knowing anything, it is better for everyone if women do know a few things. It's simple, and obviously true to most of us today, but in her day, this might have been read as revolutionary. Dr. Crumpler is an example of the kind of courage we can all use, then and now. Stand up for the truth. Persevere.

Welcome news about the air quality monitoring station!

//The monitoring station will collect data on nitrogen dioxide, fine particulate matter, ozone, and volatile organic compounds "consistent with EPA monitoring regulations and guidance," the State Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) said in a statement. The station will also record wind speed, temperature and direction.// Read more here:

Embrace the Primary: Having to choose between good candidates is a win

Wooden wall painted blue

Primary campaigns are vital to the care and maintenance of our Democratic party, and I believe our DTCs should embrace the contests. Indeed, it is my dream that we should always be faced with at least two wonderful, intelligent, thoughtful candidates for every office and be forced to choose between them. When we are so blessed, let's revel in it. Primaries are healthy. Endorsements create opportunities for engagement and education. Let's count having a contest as a win!

MLK Weekend

One of the things I love most about the USA is our willingness to honor revolutionaries and dissenters and freedom fighters as heroes. Indeed, it's what many of our holidays are about, from celebrating the patriots of the Revolution on the 4th of July to venerating the organizers of our first unions on Labor Day. …

Yesterday, I made a speech on the Impeachment and what else we have to do

Melissa with 3 amazing women (Merry, Libby and Amanda). Amanda is holding a sign that reads Impeach. Umbrellas and slush is seen in the background. The text of the speech is below: The election of 45 three years ago was more than just a gut punch. It was the long-awaited fruit of a deeply poisoned tree. His occupation of the White House has thus far been a disaster, from the explicit crimes of abuse of power and obstruction of …

Why I am a Democrat

Hardly anyone can sit with me for more than 30 seconds and fail to discover that I am a really enthusiastic Democrat. I am super-proud of our party platform, and I am really, really happy to be publicly listed among advocates of that platform in the voter rolls. This, by the way, is how I …